The Stat Sheet (About Us)

There’s no escaping the all-seeing side eye. NFL shenanigans meet fed-up snark. Commen-shaders @theindigocode and @iamvincere read from the football shadebook. We side eye so you don’t have to.


Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves…


Easily annoyed optimist. Hobbies include: eye rolling, trying new foods and talking shit about the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys. A former Patriots fan, but still connected to his New England roots. Vincere is blunt, emotional and usually tired for various reasons. Favorite player/s to give the side eye is a tie between Ben Rapelisberger and Andrew Luck. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @iamvincere…or not.


specific-enough things about me /// indigo rex
washed worrier supreme | recovering steelers fan | filthy auntie prime | resting okoye face champion | gatherer of the yeasty and remedial | begrudging duvallian | made-up adverb stan | mannish & ornery | anti-bae | wonderer of where ya ass was at | sometime virgo | mayor of drydocklandia | almost-deputized arizona cardinal | wakandan dual citizen | dora milaje publicist | “nah” dealer + frown pusher | co-signer of big-joker blackassity | word cooker
twitter + ig // @theindigocode